Overview of the key infrastructure at the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus © Koch + Partner AG

Media infrastructure of the site

  • 250 mm Ø water supply (drinking water)
  • 400-1,000 mm Ø wastewater (mixing system)
  • Electricity 16 kV
  • Natural gas 5 bar
  • Telecommunication

Existing infrastructure available for use

You may use the following existing infrastructure and services provided by neighboring businesses on request:

  • energy (steam 5 bar/170° C, 15 bar/200° C, compressed air 6 bar, cooling energy 0° C, -12° C, -30° C)
  • operating resources (cooling water 5 bar, deionized water, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene)
  • waste disposal (wastewater treatment plant, waste incinerator for gases and liquids)
  • security (company fire service, gate service and alarm center)
  • buildings and administration (seminar and plenary rooms, building maintenance)
  • staff restaurant
  • Additional services (laboratory services, logistics services, technical services, access to third Party suppliers)

Neighboring companies are also prepared to set up new infrastructure and services for shared use, e.g. in analytics. We will be pleased to put you in touch with the relevant contacts.