Schooling and healthcare

In the region surrounding the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus, you will find everything you need for your own professional development, your children's education and your health – top-quality public and private schools, a range of hospitals and clinics, and ultra-modern wellness centers.

First-class educational opportunities

The region surrounding the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus offers a wide range of modern educational facilities. Every village offers kindergartens and there are also some child daycare centers in the region. Public elementary and high schools are of a very good quality. Children whose first language is not German receive additional tuition free of charge for up to one year. After a short time they become integrated into their environment and their class and quickly feel at home here. Facilities in the region also include cantonal schools (high schools; for students seeking to go to university) in the city of Basel or in the neighboring canton of Baselland.

International School ISRH in Rheinfelden © iStock / FatCamera

There are also some international schools in the surrounding area, such as the International School ISRH in Rheinfelden. The ISRH is an English and German-speaking international school with an Early Childhood Center, Preschool, Primary and Secondary School for children aged from 2 to 13. The teaching concept for this all-day school is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP – accredited since 2015). Performance standards are coordinated with public schools, which means that it is possible to switch to and from the public school system.

Rheinfelden is also home to the Fricktal vocational training center and the cantonal vocational training school. There is also a music school that provides music and theater tuition.


Healthcare and wellness

Rheinfelden's wellness paradise: Saltwater spa sole uno © Bad Rheinfelden AG

Excellent hospitals and private clinics, along with the four thermal baths in Rheinfelden, Baden, Bad Zurzach and Bad Schinznach will care for your entire family's physical well-being. The University Hospital of Basel is just 35 km away. In Rheinfelden alone, which is just 17 km from the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus, you will find a health and spa center, a four-star clinic, a sports medicine center, a cosmetic surgery clinic and two rehabilitation centers. Or visit the sole uno wellness world, where relaxation is an experience to be enjoyed. You will feel entirely safe and sound in the region surrounding the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus.