Cost advantages

On the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus, companies face moderate production costs in comparison with the rest of Switzerland – thanks to below-average tax rates, moderate salary costs and low real estate and land prices.

Advantageous tax rates

Low tax rates are good. But advantageous tax assessment bases are even better. And fair tax authorities too. Compared with other cantons in Switzerland, Aargau offers particularly generous tax deductions for companies. You benefit because you can take advantage of an attractive tax environment.

Tax liability for legal entities in the Canton of Aargau © Aargau Services Economic Promotion

The benefits that you can enjoy include:

  • privileged taxation for special corporate structures
  • possibility of a tax ruling
  • offsetting corporate income tax against capital tax
  • tax relief on business taxes for up to ten years
  • significantly lower effective marginal tax rates for businesses than in other countries
  • special tax breaks for research and development (R&D)

Get in touch to discuss your venture on the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus and find out more about the special tax breaks for research and development (R&D).

Waterside living in Laufenburg © Gerry Thönen

Moderate real estate and land prices

Centrally located on main transport routes, the Canton of Aargau offers a wide selection of attractive real estate and land on favorable terms. Real estate prices on the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus are significantly lower than those in surrounding metropolitan areas.

Here, you can also benefit from a business-friendly government and from authorities that will discuss and plan your building project with you in a spirit of partnership.




Low salary costs

Do salaries seem high to you in Switzerland? Let us give you a comparison to show you the effective salary costs per productive hour of work.

Salary costs in the Canton of Aargau are on average 10 percent lower than in the surrounding business centers of Zurich or Basel. But employees actually have higher real incomes due to the lower living costs in the region. Purchasing power in the area surrounding the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus is above the Swiss average. So both you as the employer and also your employees benefit from an advantageous cost structure.