Companies and skilled workers

At the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus you will benefit from its network of world-leading life science companies, including Novartis, Roche, Syngenta, DSM, BASF, Solvias and many suppliers. The 900+ life science companies in the cluster, together with the many research facilities and the widespread availability of specialist workers in the surrounding area, all contribute to the location's unique ecosystem.

Life Sciences Cluster in the Basel and Fricktal region © Aargau Services Economic Promotion

Aargau – home to life sciences products that are successful worldwide

In the Canton of Aargau, the life sciences industry accounts for almost 32 percent of the entire value generated by the manufacturing sector (BAK Basel Economics, 2016). Together with their many suppliers, international companies such as BASF, DSM Nutritional Products, Novartis, Roche, Syngenta, Solvias and Tillotts Pharma have driven the region's economic growth for decades. Top-selling medications worldwide such as Bepanthen and Voltaren were developed in Aargau's Life Sciences Cluster.

CHF 2 billion of investment within a radius of 10 kilometers

Nowhere in the world has the life sciences industry invested so much in such a small area as it has around the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus. Within the space of just a few years, the industry's giants have invested over CHF 2 billion in projects in the region. Novartis, for example, has shown how important its location in the Canton of Aargau is by investing around CHF 650 million in its site in Stein over the course of several years.

By 2019, Roche will have invested approximately CHF 1 billion in a new training center, four new office buildings for around 1,300 IT staff, a reception center, an auditorium and enhanced infrastructure. Following this investment the site will become one of Roche's largest IT support centers in the world.

Syngenta has also invested over CHF 200 million in its sites in Aargau in recent years.

Aargau – the Canton with the high-tech workforce

As well as highly skilled specialists in the life sciences industry, the region also offers Expertise and specialists in other high-tech industries such as medical technology, ICT, energy, electrical engineering, plastics and mechanical engineering. The workforce in the region is characterized by solid professional training, international experience, excellent motivation and loyalty. This results in a high level of productivity.

Christoph Mäder
© Syngenta Crop Protection AG

Christoph Mäder, Member of Syngenta's Executive Board, stresses how important Aargau is to the business as a location. "We're a global agribusiness. We carry out research and manufacture in Switzerland, and this is also where we have our HQ." We rely on having a good local environment to work in. Aargau offers us favorable conditions in an environment that is innovation-friendly. As a research business, we need this openness for our activities in Stein, Münchwilen and Kaisten. Only in this way will we devise solutions to ensure sustainable food security for a growing world population. The good infrastructure and the proximity to key research institutes, but also the high quality of life and the region's excellent recreational opportunities excellent leisure activities, enable us to recruit the right staff to grow our business even further."