Life Sciences Cluster

The Basel Life Sciences Cluster extends from Basel to Fricktal in the Canton of Aargau. More than 900 life science businesses are based here. This represents 40 percent of the world's life sciences industry. Here you will find the specialist knowledge, the entire value chain and the skilled staff that your business needs to be successful. 

Life Sciences Cluster in the Basel and Fricktal region © Aargau Services Economic Promotion

Companies in the area surrounding the Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Cluster are impressed by what the location has to offer. Novartis, Roche and Syngenta have invested over CHF 2 billion in Sisslerfeld in recent years.

In the area surrounding Sisslerfeld you will find the specialist expertise that your business needs – everything from fundamental research to practical knowledge.

The Sisslerfeld Life Sciences Campus will connect you to the world. Located at the crossroads of Switzerland, Germany and France, the site is ideal for developing international markets.

There is massive potential for tapping into the region's highly skilled workforce. The Basel region is home to around a million people, of whom 10 percent work in the life sciences industry, either as researchers, technicians, legal practitioners, managers, manufacturing staff or university professors. Each year the industry creates another 1,000 to 2,000 jobs. As a proportion of its population, Switzerland has the largest workforce in the life sciences industry. And nowhere else offers as many life sciences jobs in such a concentrated area as Switzerland. Switzerland's labor productivity is higher than in any other major international location in the field of life sciences.