Our local partners

The local municipalities

The four municipalities of Eiken, Sisseln, M├╝nchwilen, and Stein nestle between the lovely Jura mountains and the Rhine. The unique recreational opportunities in the vicinity and the wide range of cultural and sports activities make an optimal work/life balance possible. Thanks to its central location and moderate level of taxation, the Fricktal is considered to be an attractive region in which to live.

Buildings and facilities require official approval before they can be constructed or altered. An application for planning permission must be submitted to the local municipality.

With its 35 member municipalities, Fricktal Regio is the largest planning association in the Canton of Aargau. Its responsibilities include the marketing of the Fricktal region as a location. This work is primarily focused on the provision of assistance and services for people and companies that are interested in the Fricktal as a place to live and locate a business.